Raw Dogs: Michael Del Ray And Jackson Traynor Fuck While House-Hunting

Michael remarks on the quality of the craftsmanship as he downs Jackson’s cock, then he stands up and bends Jackson over, plunging his giant cock deep inside as he raw dogs his boyfriend against the floor to ceiling cupboards. Michael continues to pound, lifting Jackson’s legs over his shoulders and holding him steady as he […]

Go NextDoor For $1!

Paul Canon’s body is addictive. Just ask Ashton McKay. NextDoor newcummer Jackson Traynor is about to be sprung. Paul strips him out of his jeans and remarks how great Jackson looks naked, instantly sucking him off before flipping him over to eat his ass. In between, Jackson shows he knows how to handle a dick, […]

Raw Dogs: 4 Of Your Faves Melt Into A “Cuddle Puddle”

I have so many questions about NextDoorRaw’s Cuddle Puddle. The story – Paul Canon, Dalton Briggs, Ty Thomas, and Jackson Traynor lay around a living room and eventually bareback fuck each other. Questions: – Can Dalton Briggs be my straight friend who is more than ok with dudes gobbling his hard-on? – Why did Paul […]

Nicco Sky Needs To Stop Being So Damn Hot

We write about Randy Blue too much. You don’t have to tell us twice, because we’re already aware of the fact. The big problem is that we become obsessed with certain models, to the point where we can’t look away when they do a new scene. Max London! Cayden Ross! Ryan Stack!* You’ve seen these […]