Raw Dogs: Michael Del Ray And Jackson Traynor Fuck While House-Hunting

Michael remarks on the quality of the craftsmanship as he downs Jackson’s cock, then he stands up and bends Jackson over, plunging his giant cock deep inside as he raw dogs his boyfriend against the floor to ceiling cupboards. Michael continues to pound, lifting Jackson’s legs over his shoulders and holding him steady as he […]

Markie More And Grayson Fabre Get Off On Each Other’s Beauty

Apparently, Markie More has had his NextDoor talent scout eye on Grayson Fabre for awhile. He lets us know that he can’t get over Grayson’s “supermodel” face. Grayson’s definitely handsome (and he takes a dick like an accomplished bottom) and all, but Markie’s body is just UNREAL. Body by Da Vinci! Markie’s in heaven, though, […]

Huge Cocks: How The Hell Is Grayson Lange Fitting Colton James In His Ass?

Is it really disconcerting when a really young-looking dude has a GIANT cock? Maybe a little. The proportions seem a little off sometimes. Nevertheless, Colton James has a dick the size of Texas and I’m not sure how Grayson Lange managed to fit it all in his twink ass. BUT HE DID. With one hand […]

Johnny V’s Versatility Delights Me

I think Johnny V is one of my favorite versatile performers (he bottomed in the last AMH scene I covered with Jackson Grant). “The Blonde Flattop” is delightful in person and I will always treasure my right hand cuz’ that’s the one that stuffed cash down his jock (see, I’m just like one of you, […]

This Guy Should Be Modeling For Cocky Boys.

Everything about this 19 year-old cutie from Argentina screams Cocky Boys—the tattoos, the piercings, the style and the youthful appearance that would make him look perfectly at home next to guys like Jack Rayder, Liam Riley, David Corey and Lukas Grande. Seriously! Couldn’t you see him in the middle of a tag-team fuck with Tayte […]

Exclusive Interview With Brayden Forrester

Brayden Forrester has been appearing in porn for less than a year now, but the very fuzzy bottom has already ridden a whole bunch of the most notable dicks in porn. He bottomed for Tate Ryder in his debut scene, then followed it up by guzzling janitor piss for Michael Lucas, spreading his legs for […]

Popular Demand: Perfect Model & Hairy Bush

A weatherman talked about his huge wang! A porn star didn't trim his pubes! A picture of Jesus Luz's penis leaked! A radical ruling was made by the Supreme Court regarding campaign finance law! Okay, so maybe we didn't talk about the latter in last week's Manhunt Daily posts, but we definitely touched upon the other […]

“I Just Want Cock. It’s All I Fucking Want.”

That’s a direct quote by the way. Jake Davis is trying on his new harness for Fulsom. He thinks it makes him look like Tom Toughie Topman. Michael Del Ray (DelRay?) thinks this is hilarious seeing as Jake is a total helium heels bottom. He throws hot little Jake on the bed and starts dry-humping […]

I Don’t Know What To Say

Then Don’t Write a Blog Post?   I’m disappointed this morning. These Guys in Sweatpants scenes had really built up some momentum for me, so when I looked in the ol’ Porno Inbox today and saw there was a new update, I was pretty jazzed. And then I watched it. Aaaaaand now I can’t stop […]